Tajikistan E-Visa Application

Everything you need to know when applying for the Republic of Tajikistan.

The visa application process for Tajikistan could not be more simple:

1) Apply online and pay $50 plus $20 for the GBAO permit : E-visa application


2) Wait 2-5 days for an email confirmation with visa attached. Simple.

WARNING: Ensure you apply for the GBAO (Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region) permit if you are travelling east from Dushanbe – the Pamir Highway, M41.

GBAO Permit

If you do not apply for the GBAO permit before you arrive like us, you can buy the permit in the capital Dushanbe Department of Visas and Registration Office here. It costs $5 plus $1 for application form and took us 30mins to complete though we were told it normally takes 24hours.

There are frequent police/army checks of passport and GBAO permits along the Pamir Highway. Apparently bribes were common before the current President came to power but now there are very few stories of this still happening. If it does happen, refuse, stand your ground and be patient, the guards will let you go after they realize you won’t pay.

You won’t be able to enter Tajikistan from Kyrgyzstan without a GBAO permit so make sure to buy the permit before you enter.

Have a great trip to one of our top three countries!


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