Accommodation in Tajikistan

Live with locals, eat homemade traditional food, and experience the warmest welcome from the Tajiki people.

Tajikistan is a country familiar with tourists and accommodation is easy enough to find. Tajik people have an eagerness to learn English because of the influx on tourists entering the country so you can ask local people for help if you get stuck on finding somewhere.

We visited in late March- April which is low season, so we didn’t have to book in advance. We had the luxury of having many places to ourselves as there were no other tourists around. If you visit in high season, May-September it might be worth booking ahead.

Here is a breakdown of some of the different types of accommodation you may find.


Hostels are available in the cities of Dushanbe and Khujand. A hostel can also be found in Khorog which is a famous gateway town of the Pamir Highway.

Hostel Hello, Dushanbe!, Dushanbe

In the suburbs of Dushanbe, this huge town house has been turned into a very grand looking hostel. A beautiful garden courtyard welcomes you and an elegant kitchen-dining room in the main hall. Dormitories ($10 each) and private rooms ($30) with a lovely breakfast included.

TOP TIP This hostel is in walking distance to the taxi rank for travel to Khorog

Hostel on Sharq 21, Khujand

This is one of only a few hostels in Khujand. It is ran by a local family who live in the house next door. They have three rooms for travellers around $10 per person. Very comfortable rooms with kitchen facility and best of all, breakfast is included!

NOTEThis accommodation might be difficult to find as it’s down an alleyway off Sharq Street. It’s about halfway down so ask an ice-cream/bread seller where it is, if you haven’t quite found it.

Pamir Lodge, Khorog

A hostel dedicated to travellers on their journey along the Pamir Highway. It’s clean with hot showers and the staff are very friendly and helpful. They speak English and are able to give you information about forward travel.

The hostel offers private rooms (approx. $20), dormitories ($7) and even a place to pitch a tent ($5).


Homestays in Tajikistan
Look out for this sign in Tajikistan

In the villages and mountain areas, you will find homestays are aplenty, especially along the Pamir Highway. You will see the above sign in almost every village. The best thing to do is ask local people and they will guide you. Tajiki people are the most welcoming nation we have come across and it’s their custom to welcome guests into their home. In the villages along the Pamir Highway, like Ishkashim, Tuggoz, Vrang, and Langar you will be able to find homestays. Just don’t expect to find them on Google Maps or but they are there.

Homestay Subhroy, Murghab

This family offers a warm (rooms heated by a fire) and relaxing stay in Murghab. The family speak English and are obliging to help guests with any requests for $10 a night (low-season) with breakfast and dinner included.

Homestay Subhroy, Murghab
Homestay Subhroy, Murghab

Homestay Sadat, Karakul

Almost 4000m above sea level, Karakul is a basic village and the people there have hard lives. With little access to fresh fruit and vegetables, they live a frugal life. Surrounded by beautiful snow topped mountains and next to one of the highest Salt Lakes in the world, it’s a beautiful place to visit for a couple of days. We would recommend staying at the warm, cosy Homestay Sadat. For $15 a night each with breakfast, lunch and dinner included. This lovely couple can host upto 15-20 guests at a time.

Homestays in Tajikistan
A typical homestay in Tajikistan


As long as you are not encroaching on anyone’s land without permission, you can camp in Tajikistan. Trekking the mountains and cycling the Pamir Highway are popular travel trails in Tajikistan, so locals are familiar with tourists wanting to camp.

NOTEThe Russian word for tent is ‘palatka’ so keep this in mind when explaining to locals where you want to sleep.

Wild camping
Camping in the Fann Mountains

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