FREE Travel Entertainment

Keep yourself entertained when travelling at little to no cost. Here’s our top 5 tips.

Travelling is all about visiting exotic places, experiencing different cultures and trying new things. We love difference and enjoy our ever changing lives. But let’s be honest, after a while we all like what is familiar and normal to us.

Keep yourself entertained while travelling.
Our generation is spoilt for choice when it comes to entertainment!

If you are travelling for long periods of time or taking long train journeys, you can start to miss the home comforts you are used to. And that’s ok. So do we.

After days of sightseeing or adrenaline fueled activities we sometimes just want to relax like we would back home.

Here are the top 5 ways to entertain yourself while travelling.

1) The mobile

Mobile phones have become so important in any travellers kit list. Getting the most out of it will make your life more relaxing and enjoyable (and not by scrolling and trolling through social media!)

Netflix and Amazon Prime

Ask a good friend for their login details and you can temporarily download and watch your favourite TV series or films on your phone or tablet, for free. You won’t use it all the time so why pay? Better yet, the time difference of where you are will mean that you shouldn’t clash with your friend’s viewing pleasure. Just ask a good friend and send them a postcard to say thanks.


It’s free and very surprising. If you look hard enough, you can can find many films and TV shows to download for free. YouTube allows you to download many videos that you can watch later so get downloading.

Movie making

You take so many videos and photos when you travel that they clog up your device’s memory, so why not make your very own documentary or movie? We love editing our own mini movies that we share with family, friends, and social media. Check out Power Director or Quik apps for easy to use movie makers.

2) Books

Book sharing is one of the oldest sharing methods used by travellers and book enthusiasts alike. Most hostels and traveller/hipster cafes will have plenty to choose from, or you can ask other travellers to swap books. Also, book shops in big cities more often than not have English literature sections so go check out what’s on offer. You might find hidden messages leading you to places you might not otherwise visit…

3) Cinema

Whatever country we visit, we always go to the cinema. Whether it’s in English or another language, you will experience a different way of cinema-ing. Maybe it’s the popcorn flavours or having to stand for the national anthem, all cinemas are different everywhere you go. Read our Bollywood Cinema blog to see how the Indians do things

4) Blog

No, blogging doesn’t have to be for the whole world to hear your story. Sharing your stories and adventures let’s those at home hear what you have been up to. There are endless blogging websites available nowadays that allow you to share your travels on almost every social media site. It’s fun, easy and let’s you reflect on your time and plan for the future.

5) People watching

Obvious yes, but with so much technology distracting us, we often forget to look up and see the world around us. Find yourself a quiet spot and simply watch the world go by around you. Put down your devices and see what is happening around you because you may meet someone or end up doing something amazing.


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