Forget Hollywood, watch Bollywood.

“I don’t know the language… I won’t understand what’s going on.”

You will. Trust us.

Indian cinema is all about the drama and the emotion.

Watching Judwaa 2 at an INOX cinema in a mall in Kanpur

Going to the cinema is a cheap night out, costing around 200 rupees and a great way to soak up some modern culture. Indian movie theatres are as modern and as comfortable as you can imagine with popcorn as the go-to snack. Whether you are watching a Hindi movie or an English blockbuster, it’s a place you can relax and escape India’s crazy streets.

Bollywood is known for being dramatic and over the top and it really is! And that’s what makes Indian cinema so entertaining. The romance, the fighting, the slapstick comedy, are universal languages. Whilst you may not grasp the detail in the dialogue, you will know for sure who is getting up to mischief or falling in love. Besides, many of the modern movies are often in Hinglish. It’s more Hindi than English but enough so you can understand the context.

Yes, most Bollywood movies are 3 hours long. But don’t let this put you off. The buzz and thrill from the action and most importantly, the singing and dancing will distract you from gazing down at your watch.

The singing and dancing are the real highlights of any Bollywood movie!

Indians aren’t afraid to hide their emotions when it comes to the cinema. It’s as much a dramatic performance off screen as it is on screen. People openly ‘oooh’ and ‘aaahhh,’ laugh out loud and cheer when their favourite hero or heroines come on the screen. You can’t help but join in. A cultural experience starts before the film even begins, when everyone stands to sing the National Anthem with the lyrics appearing on the big screen so you can sing-a-long!

Interestingly, many Bollywood films are now being filmed in the U.K or Europe. It’s quite a nice reminder of home as well as fun trying to figure out where they have been filmed and seeing how the locals react to Indian actors singing or arguing in their streets!

So whilst you may walk away scratching your head as you didn’t understand 90% of the dialogue, we can guarantee you will have understood the basic plot. You will walk out of the cinema with some new dance moves and a catchy tune in your head, and feeling like you’ve had a thoroughly enjoyable evening! NOTE Going to the cinema is always an easy way to pass time if you can transiting between cities. Check out the nearest mall and you will be sure to find a cinema with the latest movies playing.

Indian cinemas tend to only play 2-3 movies at a time, unless you come across a large multiplex cinema so double check with the person at the ticket counter so you can see the most popular movie out at the time!

Cinemas to visit:
Raj Mandir – Jaipur. Famous for looking like a cake and having very elaborate chandeliers.

INOX – Can be compared to the European Cineworld. All over India in many shopping malls, usually on the top floor.

PVR Cinema – Another big chain of cinemas across India showing all recent Hindi and English blockbusters.

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